Long distance relationship


. Assalam,

Ini bukan yang pertama kali aku hadapi long distance relationship.
But it really tough this time.
It really different jumpa depan mata after 5-6 month never meet.
We rarely share our picture. But I do stalk him in his instagram.
We have bad time management. Since I working until late night and more than 12 hours. Dont have enough time to have special conversation. Have no time to catch up what latest thing happens.
And agains, I just checked his instagram.
Sadly, he rarely update his instagram.
We are bestfriends. But honestly I do love him so much now. I try harder to get touch his heart.
I have no answer
Since our first coincident meeting
And now both of us far far away
I want to spend time wisely. But too many restricted.
I have a lot of stories. But I became speechless and lost my word.
I insist to looking ur face.
I insist to hear ur story
I insist to get argument with you
I feel so bless
I feel so warm
I know, it hard for us to meet again. And we cant promise anything.
How strong we are.
How I feel want to shout louder
My heart feel so hurt
My eyes keep cry
Take care kejauhan.

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